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The Quizzify Financial Consent: Everything You Need to Know

"That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."

-John Keats (or one of that crowd)


These 29 Words Prevent High ER Bills

From the days when employees had to write in the words. Or, more recently, affix a sticker with the 29 words written on them.


Ever wondered why ER bills are so high?

A brief explanation with a hyperlink to tell you more.


A collection of ER Consents

Some actual examples of the Consent in use, including (in some cases) the costs, before and after.


Review in the New York Times

Like calling a murderer "alleged" when he or she (most likely he) is caught with a smoking gun and a dead body, they didn't come right out and say this Consent works, but came pretty close to it. They did "bury the lead" as well, so you have to read the whole thing.


Review by Wall Street Journal columnist Dr. Marty Makary

When was the last time a Wall Street Journal columinst agreed with the New York Times? And yet...


A first-hand account

The six words that keep ERs in business are: "Hey, Mom! Watch me do this!"

From the account:

I asked the attendant to print out the financial responsibility form and wrote on it that I wouldn't consent to paying more than 2 times the Medicare allowable. The attendant laughed at me and said "good luck with that." Naturally, I replied "what do you mean?" And the attendant told me the hospital would still try and come after me for the remainder of the balance. I said: "Sure, they could try, but any court would laugh at them that I had a signed agreement stating what I would pay (which was fair and reasonable) and that any court would laugh at the hospital trying to egregiously charge me." His tune changed and he said "wow, that's pretty smart." He called a co-worker over and she agreed that it was a smart idea.


Another first-hand account

This was the one that inspired us to start the 24/7 toll-free support line.


A second-hand account (linked to a first-hand account)

This building contractor holds the record for the greatest savings in Quizzify history (95.3%).

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