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Quizzify LIVE & REMOTE Trivia Contests

Host a healthcare trivia contest at your next event.


Education, engagement, entertainment and networking are the holy grail of group events.

Quizzify’s “So You Think You Know Health Care?” trivia contests combine all four. Participants will win bragging rights, recognition, awards and will be entered towards the grand prize of an all-expense-paid vacation.


How the Trivia Contests Work


Our standard quizzes can be offered as is, or customized to your theme either lightly or completely. (For instance, this quiz was customized to pain and opioids.)


First, attendees break into teams and the three rules are announced:


  1. No whining.

  2. Cheaters will lose bathroom privileges.

  3. Only food without added sugar may be thrown at the Quizmeister.


Next, the teams play the game. When time is called, they swap quizzes with another team and we present the answers and explanations. (The explanations reinforce the group learning that takes place when people discuss possible answers at their tables.)


Finally, the scores are tallied, tests are returned to the original teams, and we announce the winners and award the prizes. There are prizes for the highest scoring, as well as for the best team name (by acclamation) and a few other prizes as well.


By varying the number of questions, the entire event will take 30 to 60 minutes. We can also offer this contest over lunch.

About the Quizmeister

Quizzify's CEO, Al Lewis, is a best-selling healthcare author of Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, non-best-selling healthcare author of Surviving Workplace Wellness, and Jeopardy alum (pictured). His trivia qualifications include a bestselling Newsweek trivia game and hosting various quiz shows (pictured on WLVI in Boston). His Quizzify live trivia contest have received rave reviews from both organizers and attendees.

Quizzify LIVE Trivia Contest 

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Quizzify LIVE Trivia Contest

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Frequently Asked Questions 

This sounds amazing... what is the price?

The price depends on the amount of customization required, but is very competitive with other keynote or entertainment options. Further, we uniquely allow half the fee to be placed “at risk” by guaranteeing that 50% or more of the attendees returning surveys will answer “yes” to the question:


“As measured by engagement, education, networking, and entertainment value, would you consider this session to be among the best you have ever attended?”


We would also consider other creative payment alternatives, like offering copies of Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, Cracking Health Costs or Surviving Workplace Wellness to attendees.


Speaking of which, are there larger prizes?

We offer Quizzify, as a product, for free. You can offer others, or even get sponsors to give away prizes. We also offer a grand prize (of all 2018 contest attendees) of a one-week, all-expense-paid stay on Martha’s Vineyard, with a car and a semi-private ocean beach and lake frontage (see below).


Is there a limit on size of the group?

No. However, the contest requires more time with groups of 500 or more (because of the logistics of getting people seated, distributing tests, swapping tests and the likelihood of needing a tiebreaker).  There are a couple of minutes of downtime at the front and in the middle, during which the Quizmeister supplies live real-time trivia questions with small prizes.

The Grand Prize

Contest winners and runners-up become finalists to win an all-expense-paid week in Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard. The finalist contest rules will be posted in November and the winner announced in December.


For up to four nonsmokers, Sunday to Saturday, in May, June, late August, September or October. The prize includes the use of a car, plus access to a private ocean beach and private lakefront (pictured). 


Flights and transfer not included. A $1000 refundable security deposit is required. 

To learn more, or to host us at one of your events, contact us below.