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Our Guarantees

We've got your back. 


Engagement Guarantee

Quizzify 100% guarantees that we will be twice as cost-effective as an employee engagement tool than your average tool, as measured by you (not us) using the Validation Institute’s Benefits Engagement Survey Tool.


You may measure us against any 5 or 6 other benefits of your choosing, as shown in the first 3-minute video. We guarantee being twice as cost-effective as the total of those other tools, period. If we miss, the second video shows how easy it is to claim your refund. 


The only conditions to this guarantee are that:


  • You have to offer the same incentive that you offer for other programs you are measuring. If the other programs (such as diabetes) you are comparing us to don't come with incentives but  rather subsidies, you would have to offer an equivalent incentive. It is OK to offer no incentive if you are not subsidizing or incentivizing any other program. It just has to be "apples to apples." 

  • You can't "hide" Quizzify on a tile. Part of Quizzify is getting employees accustomed to playing every month, which means an email announcement every month.

EEOC Indemnification

Offering Quizzify as an alternative makes screenings/HRAs truly voluntary, and removes your program from EEOC jurisdiction. We indemnify you (or if you are a vendor, your customers) for any adverse judgments on cases brought by employees claiming that your wellness program includes “involuntary medical exams or inquiries” as defined under ADA or GINA.

This indemnification covers 80% of any award, up to ten times the total value of your Quizzify contract, following a $5000 per-incident deductible.

Ethical Wellness

Employee Health Program Code of Conduct:
Programs Should Do No Harm


Our organization resolves that its program should do no harm to employee health, corporate integrity or employee/employer finances. Instead, we will endeavor to support employee well-being for our customers, their employees and all program constituents.


Employee Benefits and Harm Avoidance

  • Our organization will recommend doing programs with/for employees rather than to them, and will focus on promoting well-being and avoiding bad health outcomes. Our choices and frequencies of screenings are consistent with United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), CDC guidelines, and Choosing Wisely.

  • Our relevant staff will understand USPSTF guidelines, employee harm avoidance, wellness-sensitive medical event measurement, and outcomes analysis.   

  • Employees will not be singled out, fined, or embarrassed for their health status.


Respect for Corporate Integrity and Employee Privacy

  • We will not share employee-identifiable data with employers and will ensure that all protected health information (PHI) adheres to HIPAA regulations and any other applicable laws.


Commitment to Valid Outcomes Measurement

  • Our contractual language and outcomes reporting will be transparent and plausible. All research limitations (e.g., “participants vs. non-participants” or the “natural flow of risk” or ignoring dropouts) and methodology will be fully disclosed, sourced, and readily available.



Learn more about the Employee Health Program Code of Conduct.


Want to learn more about our guarantees?

We're happy to help! Contact us and a Quizzify expert will be in touch.

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