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Why Quizzify?

When we founded Quizzify, we had one goal: 
make complex health information easy for people to understand and use.

What is Quizzify?

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Educational Quizzes on Health and Healthcare Topics

Our premium learning platform creates health-literate employees, one quiz at a time. Humorous, trivia-style quizzes, reviewed by doctors at Harvard Medical School, simplify complex topics and help employees stay engaged. 

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Learning Platform

Our Learning Platform

Quizzify delivers engaging, educational content developed and reviewed by industry professionals, and gives managers admin tools to customize quizzes and effectively measure employees' learning.

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Our curriculum, reviewed by doctors at Harvard Medical School, reflects the latest research in health and healthcare, so that your employees have the expert knowledge they need to make the wisest, healthiest decisions.



Our trivia-style quizzes are optimized to keep employees engaged and coming back for more. Employees play the game, earn points, gain knowledge, and make better decisions. 

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Educational content is reviewed by Harvard Medical School physicians.

Quizzify Ethical Wellness


Our mission is to help employees, without putting them at risk. We never ask for or disclose private health information and strongly adhere to the Employee Health Program Code of Conduct.

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It's simple: health-literate employees reduce medical costs. 
We even offer a 
Validation Institute certified 100% Savings Guarantee.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Quizzify Wellness Company

Wiser Employees Make Healthier Decisions

What your employees don't know can hurt you.

Quizzify's mission is to create health-literate employees. Many workplace wellness programs employ misguided health challenges, ineffective health risk assessments, and expose private health information which may harm, rather than benefit, employees. Quizzify is our solution; to create a culture of health and wellness, organizations must promote health and healthcare education. 

Why does workplace wellness need health literacy?

Healthcare illiteracy contributes to the waste of nearly ⅓ of every medical care dollar spent in the U.S.  A poor knowledge base not only harms employee health, it causes them to over-consume medical care and misuse your healthcare dollars.


A vital, yet often missing, component of employee wellness is healthcare education. As 88% of U.S. adults lack health-literacy, many employees make decisions about their own care based on unreliable information from questionable sources.


How Does Quizzify fit into workplace wellness?

Quizzify creates a health-literate workforce through entertaining, trivia-style quizzes which educate employees about health and healthcare. Monthly quizzes are made available to employees through a simple admin dashboard. Employees take the quizzes, earn points, gain knowledge, and begin to make healthier decisions almost immediately.


We don't make employees run around, give them standing desks, or dictate what they eat. Instead, we ensure that your employees have the knowledge they need to, medically speaking, look both ways before crossing the street. 


It is not necessary to replace traditional wellness programs with Quizzify. As we don't provide medical exams, we are classified as a reasonable alternative standard. We recommend Quizzify as a low-cost yet necessary alternative or accompaniment to other programs, such as screenings.


Guidelines recommend that most people should be screened only every 3-5 years for most lab values. Screening in excess of guidelines results in overdiagnosis, and finding and treating problems that don’t exist is expensive and potentially harmful. Yet, most wellness programs screen employees annually— despite the harms, expense, and liability— because there has been no real alternative.


Quizzify presents that alternative. Our program offers an activity for employees to improve their health and healthcare literacy in the months and years between screenings, while also educating employees on why they should be screened at all.

Who We Are

Who We Are

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Al Lewis
Co-Founder & CEO


Peter Prosol
Co-Founder & CTO

Mark Dellecave
VP of Business Development
& Account Management 

Alan Cassels
SVP of Research & Content


Deepali Patel 
Account Manager

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