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Want to bring health literacy to your clients?

Partner With Us to Innovate Wellness

Why Quizzify?

Our entertaining, educational quizzes allow employers to create engaging communications about well-being and healthcare consumerism. 

How does Quizzify save money?

Is there any cost center other than healthcare where employees are given an unlimited budget with no training in how to spend it? We didn’t think so. Our mission is to teach employees how to use medical care wisely. And, starting at only $1 PEPM, Quizzify has the best ROI of wellness in the marketplace.

Where does Quizzify fit into wellness?

To create a culture of health, you need a culture of health literacy. On a practical note, adding Quizzify as a non-medical alternative to incentivized programs will protect your customers from potential lawsuits, when the EEOC changes its incentive rules, starting in 2021. No need to take our word for this. We guarantee it.


Do we pay commissions?

Duh. The difference with us is that most vendors don’t admit that on their website because (unlike with carrier commissions), brokers don’t have to disclose vendor commissions to their clients. Instead, vendors will say: “We partner with you” or “we understand your role.”


Well, we also understand your role as being helpful for both us and your client, and compensate your accordingly, in a transparent way.


If, instead, you are working as an advisor being paid by the client, there is a “split the difference” price break, which you can pass along.

Quizzify as a Trusted and Valued Partner

  • Quizzify is the only employee health services vendor allowed to carry the Harvard Medical School “Veritas Shield,” ensuring that our health content is accurate and up-to-date.





  • Quizzify's CEO and co-founder, Al Lewis, is one of the foremost authorities on population health and literally wrote the book on wellness outcomes validation. He envisions a future of ethical and sustainable employee wellness, beginning with health literacy. 



  • Our guarantees (including our EEOC Indemnification Guarantee) protect your clients from unnecessary changes and potential lawsuits.


  • We are SHRM certified, selected as the only health literacy vendor qualified to be part of the Colorado Business Group on Health’s Knowledge Benefits course catalog.


  • We offer fair commissions and work with you to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing execution. Our client management team is available for demos and technical support.

More than 80% of employees are health illiterate and use more healthcare than they need. Read up on health literacy here.

Quizzify is well recommended by industry professionals and loved by employees.
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