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Clients, users, and industry leaders love Quizzify. Learn how our workplace programs and strategies promote health and healthcare education.



"Kudos for Quizzify for giving people this tool to fight these outrageous prices. I have no financial relationship with Quizzify but am flattered that they credit me for the concept behind this tool. Already, I’ve heard powerful stories of how these Quizzify “battlefield consent” forms have saved people thousands of dollars."

Marty Makary


"Run, don't walk, to download the Quizzify2Go app. One of the simplest, yet most powerful, apps I've ever seen (and the price is right). The fact that it has the Prevent Consent language AND the questions to ask when you are the doctor are super helpful. Bravo Al/Quizzify!"


Dave Chase

Co-founder, Health Rosetta

See Quizzify featured in the New York Times for solving surprise bills in non-elective situations. 

"By writing in their own limits, patients might have leverage in negotiations or even in courts if out-of-network payment disputes arise, or at least proof they didn’t agree to pay the total charges, say some advocates and legal scholars."


"Amidst the ER chaos …I asked the attendant to print out the financial responsibility form and wrote on it that I wouldn't…pay more than 2 times the Medicare allowable. The attendant laughed at me and said "good luck with that." [After I explained Quizzify’s approach], his tune changed and he said "wow, that's pretty smart." He called a co-worker over and she agreed that it was a smart idea." Read more. 




Founder and Owner of Thrive Benefits

"Quizzify is one of the few health education tools to not fall into the trap of actually trying to educate people directly – their eyes glaze over when you try. But people like games, they like teams and they like to have fun so Quizzify manages to teach people about health without them even knowing it."


CEO, Equity Healthcare (Blackstone Group)

"I don’t understand why everyone isn’t offering this to their employees. The insights are smart, vetted by the best, actionable and a heck of a lot of fun to boot. What’s not to love?"

Screenshot at Jul 07 11-04-20.png


Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer


"This is healthcare made fun. Even reference-based pricing can be made fun using Quizzify’s unique format. There is no better way to teach employees how to spend their money – and your money – wisely on healthcare services. A group that doesn’t use it is leaving money on the table and possibly even allowing unsuspecting employees to be harmed by overuse of questionable tests, drugs and procedures."

“I did go on the [Quizzify] website. It was a lot of fun. Very clever!


Director of the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies (IHPS)

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


"Like predatory pricing, there is such a thing as 'predatory medicine,' where aggressive doctors propose or perform inappropriate tests and treatments knowing that the patient is only paying for a small portion and doesn’t understand the risks. I love what Quizzify is doing to educate employees about this."


Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Professor of Health Policy & Management, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health

Chief, Islet Transplant Surgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Author of the bestselling Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care, the basis for the primetime show The Resident

"Given the surge of discontent around wellness programs’ use of personal data, this is very attractive... Quizzify does not gather or require any medical data from the participant. One of its advantages is that Quizzify has very simple, plain language user agreement and game rules..." 
Read the full review in Employee Benefit News>

Employee Benefit News

"I'd seriously consider offering this service to my employees. The messages learned are much more likely to have a beneficial effect on people's health and on their use of the health care system than a lot of the more invasive programs being forced on employees..." Read the full review>


Former President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

"Quizzify provides a plethora of shock-and-awe, ‘counter-detailing’ questions-and-answers (with full links to sources) that will educate even the savviest consumers of healthcare and entertain even the dourest CFO...Read the full review in Insurance Thought Leadership>

Insurance Thought Leadership

"Employers should check out Quizzify if they have lost faith that their wellness programs lead to meaningful change...[and] want their employees to understand the benefits of judicious use of the health care system, and the risks of overuse..." Read the full review>

Employee Wellness Program Manager
In tEWn

“We find that offering Quizzify has provided a great entry point for not only increasing employee information and awareness of health-related concerns but also providing an opportunity for on the spot conversations with co-workers about the new information they are learning. The quizzes have been enthusiastically received...Read the full review on>


Wellness Coordinator, Hilliard County School District

 "On a Hospital Consent Form You Can Hand Write in That You Will Pay No More Than 2X the Medicare Rate for a Service. This approach comes from {Quizzify}. This One Tactic Has Stopped Hospitals from Billing Patients Whatever Egregious Amounts They Want."


Chief Medical Officer

First Stop Health

Screenshot at Dec 06 16-48-37.png

"Wiser employees make healthier decisions. That's why we deploy Quizzify for employers who are wise about their own benefits spend—delivering health literacy through trivia-style quizzes served with a side of humor that keep employees engaged and coming back for more."


Quizzify Partner

"Quizzify is a great way to provide employees with the knowledge they need to make healthier life choices, make wiser healthcare decisions, and understand their companies' benefits program. Best of all they do it in a way that is very entertaining!"


Founder and President, BenefitsAlly

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