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Clients, users, and industry leaders love Quizzify. Learn how our workplace programs and strategies promote health and healthcare education.


Clients, users, and industry leaders love Quizzify. Learn how our workplace programs and strategies promote health and healthcare education.

Our unique financial consent language for ER visits has helped real people in real life save real money.

"A friend had been avoiding the ER due to concerns over the medical bill. She has insurance through her employer, but it was still costly. But this night she was scared for her life, while waiting she called me to see if there’s anything that could be done to prevent a “surprise bill”, she knew through my work PBGH advocated for these things. [I gave her the Consent language] and she got the care she needed with hopefulness that it would work… and it did!"


Jessica Brooks

(former) CEO

Pittsburgh Business Group on Health

"Run, don't walk, to download the Quizzify2Go app. One of the simplest, yet most powerful, apps I've ever seen (and the price is right). The fact that it has the Prevent Consent language AND the questions to ask when you are the doctor are super helpful. Bravo Al/Quizzify!"


Dave Chase

Co-founder, Health Rosetta

See Quizzify featured in the New York Times for solving surprise bills in non-elective situations. 

"By writing in their own limits, patients might have leverage in negotiations or even in courts if out-of-network payment disputes arise, or at least proof they didn’t agree to pay the total charges, say some advocates and legal scholars."


"I'm thrilled to be able to share my own personal success story after using this method. Following the guidance, I crossed out the entire financial consent and signed 'I consent to charges of up to 200% of Medicare.' This was for CPT Code: 99285 -- 'A comprehensive, high-severity issue requiring collaboration with other attending physicians and posing an immediate threat to the patient.' I was charged $478." Read more...

Emma Fox

EPowered Benefits, North Carolina

“I’ve already gone public with the proclamation that Quizzify’s emergency content language is your gift to humanity. Quizzify is my gift to my clients." Read more...

Cristy Gupton

Founder & President of Custom Benefits Solutions, North Carolina 

"Amidst the ER chaos …I asked the attendant to print out the financial responsibility form and wrote on it that I wouldn't…pay more than 2 times the Medicare allowable. The attendant laughed at me and said "good luck with that." [After I explained Quizzify’s approach], his tune changed and he said "wow, that's pretty smart." He called a co-worker over and she agreed that it was a smart idea." Read more...

Rachel Miner

Founder and Owner of Thrive Benefits

"I would have paid way more than $10,000 without the consent. With the consent, I paid less than $700." Read more...

James Hamilton


"Patients need to write this clause on the informed consent document."


Marshall Allen

Never Pay the The First Bill (Random House, 2021)

More real testimonials by real people with real names

AWESOME quiz on antibiotics!!! My pediatrician tried giving my kids so many of these unnecessarily! Every time they got a virus! I saved in PDF. I love it!


Therese Costa

Hollywood, FL

Four decades in health care and I’m still learning – from Quizzify! I saw a Dentist recently for what I thought was a problem tooth, That led to a recommended $250 3-D x-ray not covered by insurance. For the first time ever, I told a clinician that the cost was problematic. Without missing a beat, he dropped the price to $150. Good news: it wasn’t a dental problem. Better news: I learned an important lesson about being my own advocate!  


Glenna Crooks, PhD


Strategic Health Policy International, Inc.

THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! Quizzify plus Quizzify2Go, finally gives new meaning to patient-centered care and places the control into the hands of the patients.


Crystal Kent

Benefits Leader, Devoted Health

"This is a terrific resource! I find that when I get in front of a doctor my IQ seems to drop in half and I am unable to think of all the questions that I would really like to have answered until it is too late. Quizzify2go would be super helpful in preparing for such a visit."


Alison J.

(Asked for her name to be withheld for obvious reasons but is willing to talk to anyone on request)

“I had no idea how much sugar was in my cereal until I played Quizzify. And now I’m also an expert on ticks."

Roland Savage


"PTA was an early adopter of Quizzify as a component of our health and welfare benefits, and we provide access to both employees and spouses that choose to participate. It is a cornerstone of our education for healthcare consumerism. After having made the move to HDHP’s 8 or 9 years ago, and anointing our workforce as consumers with marginal improvement, we implemented Quizzify 3 years ago. It is educational, sometimes entertaining, and sometimes controversial in light of conventional wisdom. But, it is being utilized."

Michael Rocheleau

Executive Vice President, PTA Plastics

"After years of sinus trouble — allergy shots, rinses, antibiotics, OTC and prescription allergy pills — the doctor ordered a CT scan of my sinuses. The results showed some obvious issues that would require surgery. I had been trying to avoid surgery, so took some months before deciding to go forward with it but did decide to do it. The doctor wanted to do another CT scan first. Remembering a Quizzify question about CT scans & radiation, I asked the doctor if a second one was really necessary.  I specifically mentioned the radiation. The doctor paused then said, 'I guess probably not.' The surgery was successful —  without the added CT scan, radiation, or expense."


Dan Keith

Quizzify Program Administrator and User, It Starts With Me Health

"Quizzify has informed several decisions my husband and I have made during the past three years as we’ve been actively involved in caring for our aging parents. For example, we learned about the dangers of acid-reflux medication and we explored other ways to treat the symptoms such as raising the head of the bed with books. The tip about using applesauce to help prevent choking when taking tablets or pills was also very helpful. On a personal note, I’ve become more confident when talking with medical professionals about how frequently I should have tests and other screenings done. For example, my dentist agreed to change my dental x-ray schedule from 12 months to every 18 months."


Michelle Spehr

Quizzify Program Administrator and User, The Benefit Services Group, Inc.

"We love Quizzify in this office... 3 out of 4 employees in the Accounting Department take the quiz and discuss the answers. All of us have learned many informative tidbits about common misconceptions in the world of medicine. We have researched some of the answers to prove they are correct because the answer was not what we thought it should be. It is a very good learning experience for all of us."


Quizzify User, Town of Chelmsford

"After I saw the question about the Clif Bar first ingredient being “organic brown rice syrup,” I worked with the wellbeing team to remove these bars from our healthy snack supply in our offices. Previously they were a staple in every office and because they were perceived as “healthy,” people consumed them regularly."

Nicole Fallowfield

Quizzify User, Gibson

"The dentist took a set of panorama x-rays and found nothing.  He then proposed I see an oral surgeon and take the panoramas with me (which I did).  The oral surgeon also saw nothing on the panoramas and suggested the CT scan.  This is when I said:  enough is enough, and let's wait and see if it gets better on its own, which it did.  I'm glad I didn't opt for the scan. Thank you Quizzify."

Jayne Schmitz

Quizzify User, Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association

"I have to read a lot of documents from the beginning until the end of the day. I have always suffered from dry eyes, especially after I had my LASIK surgery…I learned through Quizzify that Opcon Eye drops have a preservative which may not be beneficial to the long term health of my eye. So I switched to natural tears and my eyes feel much better…Thanks to Quizzify, I’ve been more comfortable and my law practice has been more efficient."

Mark Woesser

Quizzify User, Cincinnati

"My son got injured playing sports. After we had an x-ray the doctor asked us to do a CAT scan as well. I remember him saying that his treatment would not change but he made it sound like it would make his diagnosis more conclusive. I had just taken Quizzify and recall vividly the part about the amount of radiation from a CAT scan vs an X-ray and particularly the impact of that on a growing child. We opted to not do the CAT scan even though my employer would have covered part of the costs. I think back at that conversation and wonder why a CAT scan was even suggested. I recall the pressure not only from a medical professional but from coaches and others who were anxious to get my son back on the field. The knowledge I gained from taking Quizzify helped me make an unwavering decision that I never would have made otherwise. There are several items that really jumped out at me from Quizzify that have changed my behaviors but this one was memorable because I was able to apply it within weeks of taking the quiz and I made the best decision for my son. I'm confident of that."


Lance Farmer

Quizzify User, Cummins Inc.

"My husband had a tick bite. We remembered "Keep the Tick" from Quizzify. As a result, we were able to learn which diseases that tick carried, and avoid a whole lot of testing and expense."


Courtney Darcy



Silver Diamine Fluoride is an FDA-approved solution to treat most cavities more effectively than drilling, for about $30/tooth, with no pain. Most dentists won't recommend it due to the poor profit potential, but we do. Here's the feedback we get from Quizzify's fans:

Watch the video to learn about how Quizzify informed Ferris Taylor, from The Healthcare Executive Group on SDF. 

Under the Coverage by Nova Healthcare Administrators

There's more than one way to fill a cavity 

Episode description: 

Have you ever considered Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) as an alternative to crowns or fillings? There may be a silver lining to Silver Diamine. Listen in to learn about a treatment option to ask your dentist about. Al Lewis of Quizzify joins Sara and Jolene to talk teeth. Visit to learn more about Quizzify.

"Many thanks to Quizzify for informing me on the effectiveness of Silver diamine fluoride (SDF). One of our daughter’s (Age 6) baby teeth (molar) had the very beginnings of a cavity.  The dentist wanted to drill and fill.  As soon as I raised SDF the dentist responded by saying:  “Sure. We can do SDF instead”…time for a new dentist."


David Shore

Borislow Insurance

Screenshot at Oct 24 00-56-46.png

"I'd like to thank...Quizzify for bringing Silver Diamine Fluoride to my attention. My son...was scheduled for a root canal and silver tooth due to a large cavity. I brought this up at his appointment and the dentist’s reaction was literally: “yeah that’s actually a good idea….” Just goes to show that asking questions of providers is never a bad thing." 

Matt Hobler

Solutions Architect/Health Care Consultant

HUB International

"It's always nice when your professional work helps your personal life. Our 11 year-old got SDF treatment today instead of a possible root canal and crown."


Melissa Taylor

Health Rosetta

It was exactly like Quizzify predicted. I asked my dentist if he had SDF. He said:  "Yes, we have it in the back room but nobody ever asks for it."


Matt Henderson

Oakbridge Insurance

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