Quizzify earns total victory in surprise bill dispute

Updated: Aug 25

Imagine having a surprise bill reduced 95.3%, from $14,269.30 to $674. And that's without going to court, without conceding a nickel from your initial offer, without trying to qualify for an oxymoronic “financial assistance program,” without hiring an attorney, and even without agreeing to an NDA. (We’ll name the hospital on request. To name it here seems like piling on, and we’re gloating enough as it is.)

That was the good news delivered to Florida resident James Hamilton this week, following a harrowing six months (for him, that is – we knew all along that the outcome was preordained) that even involved a collections agency. You may have tracked the original dispute in our March webinar. The hospital folded because:

  • James used the elegant Quizzify surprise bill “prevent consent” instead of agreeing to the hospital’s form language;

  • ·Uber-benefits advisor Therese Costa ensured he got the wording just right.

Also it is time for special shout-outs to Marshall Allen for his ongoing support (he even put this language in his killer new book), Marty Makary for inventing the “battlefield consent” and Marilyn Bartlett for implementing the first comprehensive reference-based pricing. All we did at Quizzify was combine Marty’s chocolate and Marilyn’s peanut butter into a Reese Cup.

And a shout-out to MedWatch, for repricing this bill to 2x Medicare, presenting it clearly, and having the pricing stick, down to the penny. We recommend their service highly.

This popular Quizzify consent has probably been used hundreds of times by now, and this is the third time a user has gone public. This is also the first time the language got challenged after the fact. Until now, it has always gotten accepted on the spot. Sometimes it involves a supervisor -- who in one case exclaimed: "Wow. That's pretty smart.” Our Prevent Consent has even been featured in the New York Times.

But there is nothing like a first-hand real-time, completely documented experience to make the point that Quizzify is the Simone Biles of vendors. Our accomplishments in employee experience/employer financing involve feats that other vendors don’t attempt, most consultants don’t know about, and most employers assume are too good to be true.

Others include our innovative EEOC indemnification and our 100% employee engagement guarantee. In addition, we have introduced employees to a painless, inexpensive and quick solution to replace drilling-and-filling of cavities, and most recently, to a dramatic new breakthrough in premature birth prediction that should hopefully reduce premature births.