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Quizzify's Gating+Guidance
The Optimal Complement to Weight Loss Drug Coverage

Covering weight loss drugs or considering it?  Quizzify’s uniquely cost-effective Gating+Guidance approach dissuades non-serious users and supports the serious ones. (You can determine where to draw the line.)


First, our Before Your Journey quiz ("Gating") distinguishes the serious users from those seeking a magic bullet or cosmetic improvement.  We educate them on the side effects and risks.


This quiz is uniquely purpose-designed to segment your population, so that you finance only those whose health could truly benefit.  For example, someone seeking cosmetic improvement would likely pass on weight loss drugs after reading just this one question. Indeed, this question is so powerful that you may decide to omit it because too many people would decline the drugs.  


Most of our initial questions highlight health-related concerns (that we address in our future "Guidance" quizzes), such as:

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 10.44.53 AM.png

The ROI for the “Curb” quiz is substantial. No need to take our word for this. Try our Weight Loss Drug Economics Calculator to enter your own data and assumptions. 

Employers with their own populations may access it for free. Simply contact us for access. 

Second, our Weight Loss Drug Companion curriculum (“Guidance”) accompanies the remaining, presumably serious, users through their journey.  Managing Digestive Side Effects is the first quiz, timed for when users will be experiencing the most digestive side effects:


8 of the 10 follow-up quizzes are largely about food, designed to teach people how to eat, order, and shop for it. The other two cover the care and feeding of your gut, and also exercising. For example:

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  • What are my options for controlling cost using your Weight Loss Drug Companion Quizzes?
    Starting with the most employee-friendly, they are: Pure education. Make the Before Your Journey quiz available, either separately or as part of Quizzify generally (much less expensive), and encourage or incentivize people to take it. Prior authorization I. Require quiz completion. Prior authorization II. Require a minimum passing score of your choosing, and the test can be retaken after an interval of your choosing. Continuing authorization. Require completion of each month’s quiz to maintain coverage. If you are paying $1000/month for someone to lose weight, it seems reasonable for them to be willing to learn how to keep it off.
  • What if my PBM is also doing prior authorization?
    These drugs are too profitable for them to voluntarily relinquish their gatekeeping to an organization or system focused on approving only the most appropriate candidates, rather than anyone with a certain BMI. We can support any option for managing the PBM, working with them, or circumventing them: Stand up to them. Tell them you will be doing the prior authorization, and they will receive a set of codes from us indicating who is authorized. Ask them to incorporate our Before Your Journey quiz into their prior authorization and offer to pay an extra administrative fee to cover the modest costs of doing so. Waive or reduce copay for people willing to play the Before Your Journey quiz and the subsequent ones. This can be done even with the most recalcitrant PBM.
  • What if the PBM says we can't use Quizzify?
    They cannot stop you from educating your own employees on diet and exercise. According to the labels, these drugs are adjunct therapies to diet and exercise. If they are not willing to adhere to the label instructions, you are. They can either let you do this or write a publicly disclosable letter on why they are preventing you from adhering to the label instructions. They will fold.
  • How does this work with coaching?
    This is useful, but with the exception of our recommended partners, coaches don’t have access to our curriculum and likely do not know everything there is to know about the topics that Quizzify covers. That means their advice will not be coordinated and may be incorrect. (For instance, ask them about the importance of reading the Nutrition Facts labels. They will probably urge people to do that. By contrast, we teach people that 11 of those "Facts" are either worthless or purposefully designed to mislead shoppers into believing a product is healthy.) While we can work alongside any coaching group, the peanut butter-and-chocolate “shovel-ready” synergy is with our recommended partners. US Preventive Medicine is our preferred partner in the wellness/coaching space while DisclosedRx is our preferred partner amongst PBMs.
  • Can we customize our own content?
    Yes. Three observations. First, it may not be allowed to carry the Harvard Medical School logo unless we get it reviewed. Second, a few groups prefer not to use brand names (mostly used to teach about products that are much higher in sugar than they would appear to the casual observer) because they have other relationships with the manufacturers of those brands. We can excise brand names from the questions. Third, many groups like to link our questions to their coaching or resources, a link which is easily accomplished.
  • I notice that your price for Gating+Guidance is much higher than for classic Quizzify. Aren’t these all the same questions?
    Glad you asked. Here are six answers: No, they aren’t all the same questions. Perhaps half are. This program can indeed be included with classic Quizzify. You can reach all your members, both those on, or considering, weight loss drugs, at a small premium to the classic Quizzify price to cover our added costs. The implementation and onboarding take us the same amount of time regardless of how many people are playing. The administration is harder, because we have to coordinate and make sure that only the right people get each quiz, and report the scores or quiz completions, possibly to a third party. There are far fewer people to spread the costs over. We get many more challenges to our answers, because so much money is at stake. Our answers are all correct, but we nonetheless respond to each challenge individually. Having said that, even our higher price is a very small fraction of the cost of these drugs. You’ll see from the Weight Loss Drug Economics Calculator that even getting a tiny number of your members to pass easily pays for Quizzify many times over. And that ROI doesn’t even include what we teach to the serious users that will help them keep the weight off afterwards.

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