Valid Vendor Awards


Rules and Disclosure for Quizzify Valid Vendor of the Month Designation


A Vendor of the Month (also called a “Valid Vendor of the Month”) is one for which Quizzify places one-third of its fees at risk for their own performance, in any joint account. What follows are the rules governing this award.

Validation by Validation Institute

The vendor must be validated, and maintain the validation. If the vendor loses the validation, Quizzify will notify any joint customers that Quizzify’s fees are no longer at risk.

The fees are at risk for what the validation says. Example: if the validation promises a 10% reduction in risk but no ROI or savings, fees may be reclaimed for missing that target. Fees may not be reclaimed if that target is hit but the customer has a different source of dissatisfaction.

​“Deeming” by Validation Institute (VI)

Quizzify represents that a Vendor of the Month not previously validated will be “deemed” for validation by the Validation Institute. (The standard VI fees apply, but the application is expedited, completed in whole or in part by Quizzify, and acceptance is guaranteed, or the Quizzify fee below will be returned.)

Eligibility for offer and partial years

Any joint customer of Quizzify and the Valid Vendor is eligible, from the time the customer contracts with either. For partial year overlaps, the guarantee is calculated pro rata.

Timeliness of Claim and dispute resolution

Claims must be submitted within 90 days of the end of the year for which the claim is being made. Disputes not resolved through negotiation will be resolved by binding arbitration, loser to pay costs, by the American Arbitration Association in Boston, MA. (Currently, this would be done remotely.)

Disclosure of fees paid to Quizzify

Quizzify charges $2000 for Valid Vendor endorsement/indemnification/write-up. Webinar fees are as follows:

  1. $1000 – We organize and host. You participate. Registration list is shared.

  2. $500 – You organize and host. We participate and market to our mailing list. Registration list is shared.

  3. No charge to participate in podcasts organized and hosted by you, or in media releases.