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Harvard Health Publications Announces Collaboration with Quizzify


Division of Harvard Medical School announces new client relationship to create interactive quizzes that support health literacy in the workplace.

Harvard Health Publications is focused on helping consumers understand an increasingly complex health system and optimize their healthcare purchases.




Harvard Health Publications (HHP), the consumer publishing division of Harvard Medical School, announced today that it will collaborate with Quizzify, a New York-based start-up that provides employers with educational health information for their employees. HHP will review Quizzify’s content for medical appropriateness as well as advise Quizzify on developments in peer-reviewed medical literature and medical practice. HHP has already reviewed and approved the Quizzify “Launch Quiz,” which Quizzify uses to introduce employees to health literacy.


The need for unbiased, trustworthy health information has never been greater. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the United States’ National Healthcare Expenditure (NHE) is projected to be $3.207 trillion in 2015, or roughly $10,000 per person. The percentage of employers offering only high-deductible healthcare plans as a way to combat rising premium costs has nearly doubled since 2012, putting increased pressure on consumers to make informed purchase decisions.


“Harvard Health Publications is focused on helping consumers understand an increasingly complex health system and optimize their healthcare purchases,” said Greg Curfman, MD, Editor-In-Chief of Harvard Health Publications. “Our content taps the expertise and insights of the Harvard medical community on thousands of health conditions as well as issues ranging from cost-effectiveness of care, patient and consumer engagement, and health policy. We are pleased to help Quizzify put this information into consumers’ hands, using an interactive educational format.”


Quizzify was founded by Al Lewis and Vik Khanna, co-authors of Surviving Workplace Wellness. Quizzify aims to help employees avoid inappropriate care and improve self-efficacy by improving their health literacy.

“Americans are over-diagnosed, over-treated, and over-medicated,” said Al Lewis, Quizzify CEO. “Through this relationship with HMS we are helping employees engage more effectively — and hopefully less — with the healthcare system by using novel methods such as interactive quizzes rather than more traditional means. This approach promises to spark interest and engagement.”


Added co-founder Vik Khanna, “Medical care inflation is now at 5.3% per year, far greater than inflation in the general economy. Crucial to controlling the healthcare spend and improving health is increasing the self-efficacy of employees. Amongst American adults, only 12% have a sufficient level of health literacy that empowers them to make smart choices in the medical marketplace and in self-care decisions. Quizzify’s goal is to help increase that figure.”


About Harvard Health Publications 
Harvard Health Publications (HHP) is the media and publishing division of Harvard Medical School. HHP draws on the expertise of Harvard Medical School’s 12,000 faculty physicians and researchers at affiliated hospitals to deliver authoritative and trustworthy health information to a global audience through its website, HHP also provides interactive health information content and services to health portals, payers, and providers as well as population health and digital health companies. For more information about content licensing, please visit


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