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Wiser Employees Make

Healthier Decisions

Quizzify's engaging health literacy quizzes,

reviewed by doctors at Harvard Medical School,

educate employees on health, healthcare, and health benefits.


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The Price We Pay by Marty Makary gives Quizzify a terrific shout-out as the solution to employee health illiteracy.

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[Quizzify] alerts employees to the most common unnecessary tests and procedures in medicine today, according to the Choosing Wisely campaign… Using a comedic, engaging style, Quizzify educates people on highly relevant techniques they can use to make everyday decisions from how to read a nutrition label to how to ask questions about common medical procedures.

Here is how Quizzify works

Watch our introductory video for an overview of our products, Quizzify and Quizzify2Go, in combination with

real-life examples of the benefits and savings. 

Benefits of Quizzify

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A Health Literate Workforce


88% of U.S. Healthcare consumers do not have adequate health knowledge. Give your employees the tools to make wiser and better healthcare decisions so that their choices are more effective when it comes to their wellbeing.

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Happier Employees


Knowing about health and healthcare takes time and stress out of your employees' health decisions. Your commitment to their well-being will make employees feel cared for, reducing absenteeism and raising office morale. 

wellness company

Boost Your Bottom Line 


Happier and healthier employees are more engaged and more productive at work. They'll also use less employer-sponsored health insurance and spend less time outside the office on unnecessary healthcare. Create a health-literate workforce, and you'll see the difference.

Navigating the EEOC Wellness Rule Change

And how Quizzify eliminates (not a misprint!) your risk.

Clients, users and industry leaders love Quizzify

robert galvin.png


CEO, Equity Healthcare

(Blackstone Group)

martin makary.png


Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Professor of Health Policy & Management, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health

Chief, Islet Transplant Surgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital

david contorno.png


President, Lake Norman Benefits

2015 Broker of the Year

"Quizzify manages to teach people about health without them even knowing it."

"Like predatory pricing, there is such a thing as 'predatory medicine,' where aggressive doctors propose or perform inappropriate tests and treatments knowing that the patient is only paying for a small portion and doesn’t understand the risks. I love what Quizzify is doing to educate employees about this."

"There is no better way to teach employees how to spend their money – and your money – wisely on healthcare services."

Five questions to ask your doctor before treatment

  1. Do I really need this test or procedure?

  2. What are the risks and side effects?

  3. Are there simpler, safer options?

  4. What happens if I don't do anything?

  5. How much does it cost, and will my insurance pay for it?

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