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A Collection of ER Sticker Shock Prevent Consents

Updated: May 29

A few of our many users of the Prevent Consent have forwarded them to us. Here is a little collection.

This one is from healthcare pricing uberguru Marshall Allen, author of Never Pay the First Bill. He published his experience here, and Jessica Brooks, CEO of the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, added her friend's similar experience as well:


Most users, from other non-healthcare walks of life, would prefer that their names not be used but are willing to share their successes...


Yes, but are the bills always under $1000?

Unless a scan, compound fracture, stent, or a procedure by an on-call doctor is involved, the allowed total cost including provider fees will be under $1000. There are likely other rare exceptions that we haven't seen yet. Paradoxically, the higher your bill, the greater your savings vs. the commercially billed equivalent.

Here is a Level 5 ("99285," the highest-acuity code in the ER, often costing five figures!), coming in under $500, though we can't take credit for the cash discount.

Speaking of five figures, here is an in-network provider (with OON physicans) trying to bill more than $14,000 for a Level 4 Extended ER visit:

Initially, the hospital "forgot" they accepted the Consent, as is their wont. We had the bill repriced, as is our wont. Albeit this is an extreme example, we ended up saving 95%! It will surprise no one that this took place in Florida, the #1 state for ER billing.

The hospital caved entirely:


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