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Ever Wondered Why ER Bills Are So High?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Ever Wondered Why ER Bills Are So High?

We rarely repost others’ postings in this blog, because it hurts our pride to admit someone else has the answers.

But in this case, we are reposting Dr. Eric Bricker’s very cogent analysis of why ER bills are so much higher than electives.

I recently compared total joint replacement pricing for a number of hospitals to Medicare. While there was a great deal of variation (as has been documented many times), the surprise to me was that the average was only about 180% of Medicare. This seems to be fairly true across all electives.

Whereas try to find a hospital whose in-network charges for emergencies is less than 400% of Medicare. We see it as high as 2000% of Medicare.

Yes, the cartoon is about out-of-network charges. The No Surprises Act will trim those, but even the in-network charges are very high.

That’s why the Quizzify ER Sticker Shock Prevent Consent is so powerful, and why we can cover all of Quizzify’s cost just with ER savings.

Why the disparity between electives and non-electives? Dr. Bricker has your answer. A light bulb went on for us and will for you too.

Follow the link.


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