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The Six Tiers of the Quizzify2Go Prevent Consent

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

You can start by wading into Quizzify's ER Sticker Shock Prevent Consent…and then gradually go deeper until many of your ER visits and some* of your emergency inpatient days (think COVID) are covered.

You can “dial up” the Consent at your own speed to the point where, theoretically, 100% of your ER visits and about half your inpatient admissions (the non-electives) can cost about half what you are paying now. Whether it is more or less than half depends on your current contracts relative to Medicare for non-elective care, which always costs more than elective care relative to the Medicare benchmark.

That’s roughly a 12% to 15% reduction in overall spending. All by doing nothing other than paying a modest fee, and teaching your employees how to protect their rights.

No need to take our word for it. For Level 2 and above, we totally guarantee that except in Alaska and Hawaii, your ER bills will always be in the 3 figures. For every dollar we miss by, you receive $10 in free Quizzify services.


Level 1: Quizzify2go (Free)

Encourage employees to download and use the Consent. Some will download it. A fraction of those will have an ER visit, and a fraction of those will remember to use it. After that, they are on their own. Quizzify does support users with our hotline. We also reprice bills where ERs “forget” to send the correct bill and send a much higher one instead.

But when using Quizzify for free, each of those functions carries a $250 fee. Then it's up to your employee to contact the hospital to replace the original bill with the repriced one.

Expect the Consent to be used only rarely. Like many other benefits explained in Open Enrollment, employees don’t have an immediate use for it, so they aren’t paying attention.


Level 2: Quizzify2Go ($4 PMPY or less)

Added features include:

  • Introductory and followup email templates for you to circulate.

  • Free real-time support hotline

  • Free repricing when the ER “forgets” to honor your Consent and charges 4-5 figures instead

  • Free follow-up with the hospital to get them to honor the repriced Consent

  • Ungated doctor visit prep-and-questions (covering 100 topics, linked to calendar and quizzes – see antibiotics example below), to help employees generally in doctor visits but also remind them they also have this Consent

  • Guaranteed ROI. At $4 PMPY, which is our standard price for one year ($4000 minimum), you break even if roughly 1 in 300 people – meaning about 2% of ER visits – use it. (“Roughly” because this will vary by market.)

Expect about 10% of ER visits to include the Consent. With breakeven at 2% of visits, that’s a 5-to-1 ROI. Not to mention a lot of very happy employees.

Example -- note link to relevant quiz on antibiotics, hyperlinks to sources, and calendaring feature:


Level 3: In conjunction with Quizzify Classic

Quizzify Classic is our monthly health literacy quiz. Quizzify Classic also includes a home page for all employees that links in multiple places to Quizzify2Go, with occasional questions that link right to Quizzify2Go as well. This keeps Quizzify2Go front-of-mind.

Expect about 12% to 15% of ER visits and 5% of emergency admissions to include the Consent.

Continuing in the antibiotics theme, here is a screenshot of a question from our antibiotics quiz: