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What cigarette smoke teaches about COVID

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It's rare that we use this blog to simply point you to something that:

  1. we had nothing to do with, and

  2. is better than anything we could have come up with...

...but we're doing exactly that today.  This is the best explanation of airborne COVID transmission we've ever seen. Special thanks to Dr. Anthony Pearson of The Skeptical Cardiologist for bringing it to our attention.

Think of smoke as COVID viruses. Just like smoke is suspended in the air, so are virus particles. In both cases, there is no magic in being 6 feet from the source. The 6-foot distancing rule is more like an "80-20 rule" of distancing. It's not an invisible barrier.

If one person smokes in a bar, basically everyone in the bar can smell a little smoke. Obviously, the patrons sitting closer to the smoker smell more.  Likewise with one COVID superspreader in an indoor space.

Outdoor spaces are different. Someone can smoke downwind from you or X number of feet away with no wind...and you won't even notice. But you don't want to be surrounded by smokers or downwind from them.

Connect here to go the The Conversation and read the entire analogy.  And why we think it's the best way to describe COVID transmission.

Fortunately for Quizzi-Fans, Quizzify has up-to-date COVID quizzes that cover exactly this kind of thing. Ask your Quizzify rep for details or hit the button below.


Update: Hours after this was published, the CDC came around to agreeing with our analysis. That means, for the third time in two months, Quizzify was not just up to date, but actually ahead of the curve. (The first was tick bite symptoms mimicking COVID, where we beat the media by days rather than hours. The second was silver diamine fluoride, where we beat the media not by hours or days -- but by years. They are seriously calling SDF a "new" treatment for cavities. And yet our quizzes have included questions about SDF since 2015...and we don't even play dentists on TV.)


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