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UnitedHealthcare: "Health literacy could save billions.”

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) just published a report, summarized here, revealing large differences in outcomes and costs between seniors with acceptable health literacy and those with low health literacy. Teaching seniors health literacy could save $25 billion, they say.

Differentially better performance among the health-literate cohort includes:

  • 31% more flu vaccinations

  • 26% fewer avoidable hospitalizations

  • 18% fewer emergency department visits

  • 9% fewer hospital admissions

Overall, health literate seniors generated 13% lower healthcare costs per capita than their less literate counterparts.

This is not news to Quizzify. It is also the case, though less dramatically, in Quizzify’s population. The reason our results are “less dramatic” is that we measure on the entire community, rather than separating and contrasting the high-and-low literacy employee cohorts. The entire needle moves a few percentage points, guaranteed.

We would add that fewer unneeded and potentially harmful scans, drugs, stents, premature births, back surgeries and surprise bills can be expected as well, as the population gets educated. Typical health literacy programming doesn’t address those areas.

Not to mention more appreciation/use of employer benefits (now with links directly to those benefits!), along with teaching employees how to find and avoid “hidden sugars” and other dietary hazards.

And, of course, no other vendor, health literacy or wellness, has figured out that most cavities no longer have to be drilled-and-filled. That’s our employee education specialty. Our insight got picked up a week later by Kaiser Health News, and then, just last week, the Today show.

Sidebar observation: time and time again, we've noticed that most vendors can't keep up with healthcare advances reported in the media. Whereas -- as we've shown with ticks and COVID, surprise bills, and now cavities and soon, premature births -- the media has trouble keeping up with healthcare advances reported by us.


So what is the next step?

UnitedHealthcare has been very accommodating and generous to in the past for their customers who want to use Quizzify, even going so far as to "endorse" us once. (This was not at a corporate level, but we will take what we can get.)

Likewise, their customers have been particularly enthusiastic users of Quizzify. We can provide these endorsements upon request. These are "real reviews from real people with real names," just like on our testimonials page about Quizzify generally.

Now that they have found such substantial savings in health literacy, we look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with their customers. So if you are a UHC customer, contact us today, before they change their minds...

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