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The "Top 20" easiest employee behavior changes: Parts 1 and 2

These are the combined first two parts of our 3-part series. If you read the first part last month, you can skip to #7.

Quizzify changes behavior through knowledge, not willpower. The actual changes below are quite easy and often pleasant, once you know what to do. Study after study after study shows willpower-behavior change doesn't work, so why not try knowledge-based behavior change, starting with the items below?

1. Substitute full-fat yogurt for nonfat

Dairy fat may or may not be a good thing. More recent evidence suggests it is, for most people. But here’s what’s definitely a bad thing: nonfat yogurt. Not all brands, but if you recognize the brand name from your childhood, and/or it is fruit-flavored, it contains sugar, usually in mind-blowing quantities. For example, this 6-ounce container has much more than half your total daily recommendation. Yoplait's got company. Here is our list of the 8 Most Overrated Foods.

And make sure that your vendor’s health risk assessment no longer gives advice like Cerner's below, so employees don’t get confused.


2. Treat cavities with SDF instead of “drill-and-fill”

We get almost 100,000,000 cavities annually...and >90,000,000 of them are still addressed

with the obsolete but very profitable Novocain-and-drill technique. For almost a decade, most dentists have balked at using the painless, fast-acting, FDA-approved Silver Diamine Fluoride instead, because they can only charge $30 or so. All dentists have it in the back room, but very few are like these dentists, who advertise it. That's why you must teach employees to ask for it. They won’t need much convincing, as our testimonials show.

Speaking of savings, Quizzify has a plan where you can pay for our entire program just on reduced drill-and-fill and root canals. Ask us about it.


3. Stop demanding antibiotics

Americans get plenty of antibiotics without asking for them, because doctors already overprescribe them. But many report that their patients will ask for them inappropriately.

Teaching employees that antibiotics don’t work on viruses and are no longer recommended for their kids’ earaches (unless they don't clear up on their own, which most do) will save them risk and money by not insisting on them.


4. Get checkups at clinically appropriate intervals

You should have a relationship with