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How is Quizzify like the human brain?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Like they say about the human brain, most customers use only 10% of the capabilities of Quizzify.

There is one difference though: the human-brain-10%-thing is a myth. In the case of Quizzify, though, it’s possibly an understatement. Consider these ten attributes. In each case, only about 25% of our customers – our most devoted Quizzifans – use them.

(1) Employees can request their own quizzes for their own needs

Employees can enter a word or phrase, like “sugar” or “prostate,” as below…and get a custom quiz. We are now able to customize quizzes to individual needs -- without asking for personal health information. How cool is that?

(2) Employees can avoid surprise bills

There is no reason anyone – even employees at non-Quizzify customers -- should incur surprise bills for anything except electives. So far, all we have received are success stories. Two users have gone public, including one in the New York Times. While anyone can access this language, it helps to educate your employees about avoiding surprise bills…and that’s where Quizzify becomes especially valuable.

(3) Employees can download questions to ask their doctor right into their Apple Wallets

How many times do you go to the doctor and forget what questions to ask? We do too. We solved this problem by making the key questions – about scans, Humira, and other things – easily downloadable so that employees always have them available. Once again, this feature (but only for 3 sets of questions plus billing consent language) is available to anyone, but it really helps to teach employees why they want to do this.

(4) Employees can avoid having cavities drilled-and-filled

There is no reason at all to drill-and-fill small and medium-sized cavities. It hurts, it takes 20 minutes or more, and it costs three figures. Did we mention it hurts? Quizzify has popularized a safe and effective alternative called Silver Diamine Fluoride, and explained why your dentist isn’t recommending it, even when it’s a covered benefit. It’s because they can’t charge your employees enough (usually about $30 for 5 minutes’ work) to cover all their fixed costs.

This is especially a boon in the age of COVID. Why spend a half-hour in the dental chair when you can get this done in 5 minutes?

(5) Employees can learn all about COVID

This one maybe doesn’t belong on the list because almost all our customers did use our “coronaquizzes.” But we’ve updated them and can add custom questions as well, since every employer’s policy is different. You can now catch up with the latest thinking.

(6) Employers can avoid any EEOC risk

Your wellness program will no longer be allowed more than “de minimis” incentives for participation in 2021. However, you can keep your incentives as is by adding Quizzify as an alternative to screening, as well as saving money because Quizzify costs much less than screening. No need to take our word for this – we indemnify you. You can simply ignore the new EEOC rules…and still not end up like Yale, on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

(7) “Who knew?”

Did you know…

We have factoids called “Who knew?” scrolling across employee screens. You can even add your own. Simply watching their screen for a few minutes will teach most employees more than they learn in wellness programs in a year.

(8) You can measure the cost-effectiveness of any programs (including Quizzify) free…and accurately

It’s impossible to measure savings of any program in 2020. Too many confounding variables. So why not measure the employee-perceived effectiveness…and compare that to program costs?  A free tool lets you do that. You collect the data (so we can’t put our finger on the scale, not that we would—or need to). We will graph it up for you.

(9) “Flash quizzes” that can be played competitively, for 8 to 15 minutes

Do you have virtual lunch-n-learns? Do you have employees who have been home with their families? Our “flash quizzes” can be used for either. You advertise these quizzes and tell people when to turn them on. We turn on a countdown clock.

We announce winners 5 minutes afterwards. Pick any topic or make a hodgepodge quiz. (For the family version, we encourage employees to play along with their children…and never ask questions about 401ks, DUIs, or body parts that only half of us have.)

(10) Picture questions!

What is wrong with this picture?

We now have questions with pictures. And, among many other things, you'll learn the answer to this one.

If you’re already a Quizzify customer, ping us about adding these perks to your program. If you aren’t already a Quizzify customer, these are ten more good reasons to start. Why wouldn't you want your employees to (for example) avoid cavities and surprise bills?


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