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All you need to know about our Prevent Consent

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Following an extensive two-year “soft rollout” to ensure that it wasn’t too good to be true, Quizzify is now officially introducing its ER Sticker Shock Prevent Consent, which slashes fees for all hospital-based in- and out-of-network emergency care dramatically.

How dramatically? So dramatically that we can now 100% guarantee that all ER bills from hospitals using the Consent will be 3 figures.[1] When was the last time you allowed even a single 3-figure visit including physician fees? You're more likely to see a 5-figure bill.

The timing couldn’t be better, as financial wellness, stress management, and health equity are three of the four issues that have become front-of-mind.

What better way to address all three at no cost than to ensure employees they need not incur large emergency medical bills?

Add that to the recent Advisory Board finding (reprinted with permission below) that health literacy is the key to improving the fourth front-of-mind issue – social determinants of health – and implementing Quizzify becomes a no-brainer.


All you need to know about Quizzify’s Prevent Consent is in this posting and the supporting links.

First, here is the language itself:

Superseding other consents, I consent to responsibility (including insurance) for up to 2x Medicare following receipt of an itemized bill for appropriate treatment coded to the correct level.”

Supporting links for the Consent that you might want to review first include why this is so important both for employees who haven't satisfied their deductible, and also for employers concerned with either health equity or employee mental health/stress reduction:

Then some expert and user commentary:

Next, some implementation nuggets:

Finally, here is the complete backstory about how Quizzify has evolved the Consent over time into its current incarnation as the only guaranteed 100% effective way to dramatically reduce costs for all non-elective care, whether in- or out-of-network.

The Consent itself is freely available to everyone now. However, there are five features available only to clients:

  1. The 24/7 expert hotline (for point-of-ER-service disputes)

  2. The repricing of ER bills when the hospital conveniently "forgets" that they agreed to the Consent and sends an old-fashioned bill instead

  3. The follow-up with the hospital to ensure that the correct bill is sent

  4. all legal issues until resolution

The fifth is the rest of Quizzify2Go – the doctor visit prep/Q&A for 115 provider visit topics – is available only to Quizzify customers. Besides being a uniquely useful point-of-care support tool on its own, the doctor visit support feature is one of the keys to reminding employees they have access to the Prevent Consent. People visit or call the doctor or dentist six times a year but only 1 in 6 people visit an ER in a year.


Maybe we’re missing something, but we're not sure why an organization would prefer that they and their employees incur higher bills for ER visits when they could incur lower bills, simply by signing up with Quizzify and using our "Prevent Consent." (Plus, your employees will become health-literate. And engagement and ROI are guaranteed.)

Yet some employers opt for the former. It's a little like those old Wendy's commercials where people prefer Hamburger B, a dry patty on a stale bun, over Hamburger A, a fresh delicious Wendy's burger with all the trimmings.

[1] Only ERs with hospital licenses are covered. A very small number of free-standing ERs are owned by private equity companies and do not have hospital licenses. 3-figure ER bills are not guaranteed in Alaska and Hawaii, though the savings percentages will be similar. As with any ER visit, you can still be turned away if what you have is definitely not an emergency. Example of the dividing line: reporting that you have a bullseye rash may not be considered an emergency. Actually having a tick on you that you can’t extricate would be. While the language is clear that the Prevent Consent supersedes other consents, we cannot guarantee that if you sign both, that the Prevent Consent will prevail.


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