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Wellness and Benefits News Roundup: Open Enrollment Speed Bumps and EEOC Update

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

As open enrollment fast approaches for most companies, we recommend three articles.

  1. What employees don’t know about health insurance can hurt them…and can cost you money.

  2. Companies seem to be falling behind in open enrollment preparation. In particular – related to the Forbes article – employee understanding, engagement and communications around open enrollment score low. Among the lowest scores? Year-round education.

  3. The EEOC deadline is fast approaching and NPR/Kaiser Health News reports that many companies are not prepared. Is your wellness program design EEOC-compatible? Only a minority of registrants in our recent webinar with Connect Health Collaboration and the Memphis Business Group on Health answered “yes.”

30-second shameless plug: Quizzify can help solve all three problems. We educate employees year-round about health, healthcare, and benefits; can provide our “open enrollment quiz” to coincide with open enrollment; and can indemnify your entire wellness program against employee liability related to wellness programs after the EEOC protections sunset in December.

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