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Webinar Recap: The Pending EEOC Wellness Rule Changes

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

How Quizzify Turns Lemons into Lemonade. Live webinar recorded on May 16, 2018.

About the webinar:

While much still remains unknown, one thing is certain: come January 2019 and barring an act of Congress, employers will no longer be allowed to coerce employees into “voluntary” clinical wellness programs by threatening large penalties or dangling large incentives.

Our 1-hour webinar covered:

A) What’s covered and not covered by the upcoming rules B) What happens if the EEOC doesn’t make rules at all C) What are your risks if you don’t make changes D) How your HRA needs to be watered down to be compliant with the new rules

We concluded by showing how you can “inoculate” your current program against exposure using an elegant, Quizzify-infused solution that allows you to improve your existing program while avoiding any liability exposure...and maintain your current incentives or penalties.

Learn more about Quizzify's EEOC guarantee here.


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