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Five Things an Employee Should Ask a Doctor Before agreeing to a Procedure

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

by Al Lewis

You know those 5 classic questions to ask your doctor before a test or procedure? Most people don’t ask them, for one of three reasons.

1. They don't remember them

We’ve fixed that very elegantly by making them downloadable right into your Apple Wallet. It couldn’t be easier: using your iPhone, click "Add to Apple Wallet."*

Save these to your Apple Wallet:

2. They don't want to confront their doctor

Many people (including some of us here at Quizzify) are reluctant to question those authority figures wearing white coats. That’s why the last line of the version in the Wallet says: "If you're reluctant to ask these questions, blame us!"

It’s not “confrontation.” It’s simply asking questions. Almost by definition, a good doctor welcomes this type of informed interaction. If your doctor discourages this – or even gives off a vibe discouraging this – you might want to change doctors.

3. They don't know about these five questions

This is where Quizzify is helpful. Americans are the most overdiagnosed, overtreated, overdosed society on earth. Many Quizzify questions touch on these questions, others reinforce the observation that “just because it’s healthcare doesn’t mean it’s good for you.” After taking these monthly quizzes for a while, employees report becoming vastly more comfortable having discussions with doctors…and no longer demand inappropriate healthcare. We get enough inappropriate care – 30% of all care by some estimates – without demanding more of it.

For example, our recent Six Things postings on back pain and stents cover classic examples of overused procedures that are often inappropriate.


Share this link with your employees now, but these questions will be more likely to "take" amongst your workforce, if downloaded in conjunction with the full Quizzify educational program. Click here to schedule a Quizzify demo.


*You can turbocharge your downloading memo by posting the actual Choosing Wisely poster in break rooms:


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