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Quizzify earns a great review in Employee Benefit News

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

by Al Lewis

Adding to our stack of great feedback is the latest, from columnist Linda Riddell, writing in Employee Benefit News. While we encourage you to read the original, seeing the entire post requires registration, so we’ll hit the highlights (and the, um, lowlight) here.

"Tired of the eat-more-vegetables-do-more-sit-ups approach to (trying to) reduce medical costs? There is an entirely different angle that few cost management programs address: savvy-ness about medical services, also called health literacy. Imagine if employees could be comfortable turning down medical care that they do not need. For example:

  • Would more people think twice about having a CT scan if they knew it had 500 times as much radiation as an X-ray?

  • Would some people ask their doctor about weaning off nasal spray, if they knew it might be making their chronic rhinitis worse?

Quizzify, an online education program, delivers this kind of information to participants in a fun, game-show contest format. Participants click through questions, earn points for right answers, lose points for wrong answers, and compete with their co-workers for prizes."​

All true…and then some. She continues by saying this is much more engaging than Choosing Wisely brochures, which aim to do the same thing. We couldn’t agree more. Their information is very helpful, but Quizzify covers much more ground. (And they aren’t exactly Jerry Seinfeld when it comes to entertainment value.)

She mentions our ironclad privacy policy:

"One of its advantages is that Quizzify does not gather or require any medical data from the participant. Given the surge of discontent around wellness programs’ use of personal data, this is very attractive."

And completely understands the importance of avoiding that employee discontent:

"In keeping with its light tone, Quizzify has very simple, plain language user agreement and game rules. It’s a refreshing change from the fine print, click here and we’ll sell your data to big pharma style of some online health programs. Users can feel confident that what they see is what they get, no surprises."

She covers several other attributes that are also listed on this website, so I won’t repeat them, like the 100% Guarantee, the Validation Institute validation and more.

We wouldn’t need much of an excuse to go on and on, but it is also important to mention the “lowlight.” She found one question veered from humorous into “snide.” This was great feedback, and we have already “de-snidified” that one, and in our overall question data bank we also found several others (fortunately not in use yet) that also might go too far in an attempt to be entertaining. As a corporate philosophy, Quizzify channels Benjamin Franklin’s observation that “critics are our friends, for they show us our faults.”

And if you do click through, make sure to read the comments. One of our customers wrote a totally unsolicited and highly supportive comment about his company’s Quizzify experience.


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