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It's Time to Fix Workplace Wellness

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Over the last week, Quizzify stumbled across two particularly timely articles about employee health and wellness programs. In a Slate piece called "Workplace Wellness Programs Are a Sham", L.V. Anderson concludes that most wellness programs result in unnecessary or ineffective medicine, lax privacy, and little to no improvement in health outcomes. The need for an alternative like Quizzify is more urgent than ever. Our program is designed to root out the flaws Anderson outlined in Slate and replace them with something better: a holistic focus that's both cost-effective and fully-guaranteed (and still allows for guideline-consistent screenings every 3-5 years). On Monday, our CEO Al Lewis introduced the new Employee Health Program Code of Conduct to Employee Benefit News. As noted, Quizzify is proud to be the very first wellness program to commit to full adherence to it, and we call on all other wellness vendors and programs to join us. The threshold for adherence is based on common sense and is fully achievable: it simply states that a program should demonstrate that it causes no harm, reports its outcomes honestly, and respects the privacy and dignity of employees.


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