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How can employers help stem the opioid crisis?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

The nation’s opioid crisis presents a broad range of healthcare challenges to employers. In addition to its direct impact on healthcare spending and productivity, the opioid epidemic has complicated recruitment efforts. Most shockingly, it is now the leading cause of death amongst employees under 50, an age when people should be at the most productive phase of their careers.

As with other healthcare hazards, employers can reduce the impact of opioids in their workforce by raising awareness, so Quizzify has developed three tools for corporate leaders and employees alike. We’ve previously released both our employer and employee quizzes (both, like most Quizzify content, reviewed by doctors at Harvard Medical School) into the public domain, waiving our copyrights to encourage their use. Likewise, this infographic, replete with daunting statistics, is all yours now.

Posting or emailing it might lead some at-risk employees to eschew opioids altogether, or at least think harder before they seek that initial prescription.

Download a PDF version with links here.


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