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Employee Wellness News Roundup: Canada Disses…Milk?

Among the more head-scratching news roundup items we have ever covered is this one: Canada has taken dairy off its good-for-you nutrition guidelines.

Two observations about that decision:

  1. The research is trending strongly in the other direction. Dairy – particularly full-fat dairy, the type that comes out of the cow – turns out to be good for most people. (We say “most people” because one of the many things the wellness industry and the nutrition industry get wrong is labeling things “good/healthy” or the opposite, when in fact there is a great deal of individual variation in how people react to foods.)

  2. What the h-e-double-toothpicks do they think people are going to drink instead? To the latter point, name one popular beverage other than water that isn’t controversial. Not including, of course, unsweetened almond milk. Yes, we know – you can’t find that in stores. That’s because it’s so popular it’s always sold out. (Not.) Unsweetened “milks” made from coconut, oats, etc, are also available if you look hard enough, but American consumers have been conditioned, by years of food industry neuroscientific research, to prefer sweet beverages.


Washington Post on Wellness

The Washington Post ran a story about a company which switched to a high-deductible plan and is paying its employees to earn money back by tracking their steps. Apparently, the employees love it.

The commenters on the story? Not so much. Of 642 comments, roughly 641 were opposed. The 642nd was not an opinion, but rather a question based on the commenter’s observation that the CEO looks exactly like Steve Lawrence. (The exact comment: “Where’s Eydie?”)


La Crosse Tribune on Quizzify

And the final news item: an article by a Midwestern news reporter who had the opportunity to play Quizzify live, entitled – get ready – “Take Two Tests and Call Me in the Morning.”


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