Do you (and your employees) know these 3 important facts about dental care?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The best dental care trivia ever.

Nowhere in healthcare is there a bigger gap between what employees should know and what they don't know than dental care. If you try to look up almost anything on dental care, you’ll find a shocking lack of authoritative information. Most links that pop up will take you to a particular dental practice. Contrast that to finding medical information online, where Harvard, Mayo, and even usually WebMD provide useful and generally unbiased information. (There are also plenty of sites with “hidden agendas” that you ought to be cautious about.)

Consequently, Quizzify’s information about dental care can be even more enlightening than its information about medical care.

For instance, we have already published an article refuting one of our favorite misconceptions: that everyone should get their teeth cleaned twice a year.

Like everything else in healthcare, the answer is not one-size-fits-all.

Many people can do just fine on one cleaning, while others should be getting two, three or even four. And it’s the employees who need three or four – smokers and tobacco chewers, for example, as well employees with diabetes, a lot of previous dental work, and mouth-breathers – who are most at risk. We recommend tweaking your dental benefit to cover the first cleaning 100%, and then three more at 75% or 80%. This will cost about the same or even less than paying for everyone to get two…and still encourage employees who need more to get more.

Better yet, Quizzify’s employee education helps employees figure out how many visits they themselves should schedule.

But wait…there’s more! Here is our favorite dental trivia, all of which are in our quizzes. Having this knowledge will improve outcomes, and the latter two will reduce costs.

1. Sugar-free gum is a healthy treat.

Chewing a piece or two is a good thing in many ways. First, it stimulates saliva, which keeps your mouth healthy. Second, it dislodges food particles. Third, it improves breath, which co-workers will appreciate. Finally, it’s kinda fun. A piece has about as many calories (2 to 5) as it takes to chew it, so no issue there.

One caveat: as with any manufactured food, don’t overdo it. Too much sorbitol can cause stomach upset.

And here’s the clincher: