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The preschooler vs. the dentist, Part 1

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Quizzify guarantees being the most engaging, impactful program you can offer per dollar spent. As noted in the link, you (not Quizzify) collect the data, so we can't put our finger on the scale. This tool is also totally transparent, and is the official tool of the Validation Institute.

With all the emphasis placed on engagement, this guarantee should "seal the deal" that Quizzify is the best engagement tool (mostly because it isn't an engagement tool--it's a content tool that naturally engages employees) but sometimes personal experiences tell the story better than data.

You've already seen a couple of personal experiences in our surprise billing prevention, where not just LinkedIn, but also the New York Times conveyed these experiences, by Stacey Richter and Rachel Miner. Likewise, our testimonials page has a few others. ("Real stories by real people with real names.")


And here is another one. A story of a friend of St. Louis uberbroker Adam Berkowitz. It involves one of our favorite topics, one we recently blogged on for the second time, which is silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to treat cavities in five minutes at low cost -- with a better outcome than the $100 to $200 drill-and-fill. In this case, because general anesthesia would be involved owing to the patient's dentist anxiety, the total cost would be $2500.

Full disclosure: SDF does turn the decayed area black. However, her cavities, like most people's, are not at the front of her mouth, and in any event they are baby teeth that will fall out. If aesthetics do become an issue, potassiium iodide can lighten the surface.

We'd encourage reading the entire story, not just the LinkedIn version where Adam says he learned all about SDF from Quizzify (though far be it from us to discourage reading the latter...and taking copious notes).

[SPOILER ALERT] This story contains all the elements that are altogether too common in healthcare: massive overcharging, over-treating, and of course gaming the insurance, where the insurance company is also in cahoots with the providers to maximize revenue.

Did we also mention deceit, greed and profit-over-patient? Or that, absent Adam and Quizzify, the victim would be a 4-year-old girl?

As of this writing, we don't know whether she is going to get the $2500 general anesthesia treatment or the $25/tooth SDF. It should be an easy choice. However, those of you who remember the old Wendy's Taste Test commecials (watch 'em all!) know that sometimes your choice isn't that easy.

In this case, imagine if your dentist or doctor recommends a very complicated procedure, but then someone out of the blue says: "By the way, you can do a treatment you've never heard of 95% cheaper, painlessly, with a better outcome, in 5 or 10 minutes," you still go with the dentist right? As for the "someone" proposing that wacky scheme? Maybe out of gratitude you offer to cover the co-pay for a stronger dose of their meds.

On the other hand, suppose you know you can trust the "someone." In this case the "someone" is Quizzify. Quizzify is viewed as trustworthy by 97% of people who play it, according to a Massachusetts Municipal Association survey. So if a source you've learned to trust (as opposed to someone out of the blue) says the opposite of what a profit-maximizing provider recommends, and you've already learned about that treatment through our quiz, you would at least engage the dentist or doctor in a conversation, which is exactly what's going on next week, so...

...Stay tuned for Part 2. For now, there's nothing more we can say about the 4-year-old. Will she go under anesthesia, or will she get SDF?

On the other hand, there's a lot more we could say about this dentist, but you'll have to come up with the words yourself, because we can't print them in a family forum such as Quizzify.


We can help your employees avoid exactly this kind of outcome too. Simply ping us for a demo and we will show you how to teach employees not just about silver diamine fluoride but also about many other higher-quality cost-saving options they may not be aware of.


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