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The Quizzify AutoConsent

Why Negotiate Prices When You Can Dictate Them?

Quizzify has repurposed the federal law used by hospitals to upcharge commercially insured patients to do just the opposite: “downcharge” fees for emergency admissions and ER visits by tying them to Medicare rates.


You set a reasonable %-of-Medicare price for non-elective care. The hospitals grudgingly accept it.


If, like most plans, >15% of your spend goes to non-elective medical care, you’re looking at 3% or more in savings, except in Maryland.


What do we need to do?

We do most everything behind the scenes, and guide you through the steps on your end.


Do our employees need to confront the intake


No. All they need to do is present their card, like this.

The QR code contains the Consent and proof that it

was received and accepted by the hospital.  We have

24/7 support if there is a misunderstanding by the

intake staff.


Why do the hospitals “grudgingly accept” these


If they reject the price, they still must treat or admit the patient anyway. Then, in theory, this dispute goes to court. In practice, that never happens. The reason is, a hospital that loses establishes a precedent. That is also why you need to pick a %-of-Medicare that is somewhat higher than 100%. So the hospital can’t argue: “Why should this outfit get the same price as our largest customer?”

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