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Vendor Scavenger Hunt

The idea is to teach attendees about your offering and nudge attendees to go to the booths. To do so, we are – get ready – encouraging people to cheat!  Specifically, attendees can visit the exhibitors to get the answers.


Why would attendees want these answers? Simple: there will be lots of prizes for the high scorers.


Adding a question about your own company to this contest is a surefire way to increase booth traffic. It is a simple three-step process:


  1. Send in a factoid related to your product’s domain, that can be slightly self-promotional and somewhat informative as with the examples, that will be turned into a question. (Or send an entire multiple-choice question if you prefer. And a picture/image is great!)

  2. Include a self-promotional sentence for the explanation to the answer that will encourage people to learn more about what you offer.  You can include links and/or your booth number.

  3. Offer a prize of your choosing. Example: gift cards with $100 or more on them. Or high-end air buds etc.  Or samples of your own offering. But if it's a bulky prize, keep in mind that you'll have to bring it and give it to us. It can also be an institutional prize, like two years free on a two-year contract. But it has to be a real prize. Not, for example, 20% off the third year on a 3-year contract.


The more valuable prizes earn higher spots in the order of questions in the quiz, and of course more drama at the end.


The deadline is March 5th, but the sooner you get them to, the more time he'll have for polishing them and for you to review/edit them. Yes, that is the very same Al Lewis who hosted 2022's popular lunchtime trivia

All we need to get started is a barebones factoid. Al will do the heavy lifting from there to create a memorable question for you.


Participants receive the following at no charge:

  • The question itself, if you want us to write it for you. The idea is to make it too hard to answer without visiting the booth, and interesting enough to remember

  • An InDesign (see example at the end of this message) custom to your question, which you can display at your booth as a conversation-starter, keeping in mind that people will need to know the answer to complete the quiz

  • A list with contact information (work emails) of the public sector employees who answered your question 

PS Here are two sample InDesigns:

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 1.31.23 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 1.33.31 PM.png
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