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Wall Street weighs in on weight-loss drugs

Updated: Jul 9

In case you missed it, here is the latest from the we-know-more-than-you-do investor newsletter crowd , with our comments indented.


"Read the label: Researchers say that weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy must be taken for life to be effective."

Say what??? For life??? Sure, employees who get off would likely gain the weight back – if they don't change how they eat and live. And that's what we teach. Play our sample quiz or scroll down on this link to see questions from each category. If you learn something, imagine how much your employees will learn.

"But many Americans are already scaling back on their use of these drugs. A new study by Blue Health Intelligence of 170K patients found that many Americans quit GLP-1 drugs before achieving meaningful weight loss. Misinformation...and side effects are to blame for this poor retention.

"In another survey by Verywell Health, 67% of respondents said they plan to stop taking obesity medications in the next year — with most patients citing safety concerns."'re just figuring this out now? Quizzify knew this before most people could even spell GLP-1s. We have created a 25-question Before Your Journey quiz to combat the influencer- and ad-driven misinformation, by testing and improving people's knowledge of safety concerns. This quiz discourages those who would drop out anyway from even starting. Plus: you only pay for the quiz for people who take the quiz but don't then start on the drugs. If we fail, we lose.


"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that while 'adverse events' have been limited, side effects like nausea and vomiting are common."

Our Managing Digestive Side Effects quiz not only addresses side effects, but also teaches people what doctors often get wrong about managing them.


"A new study even warns that these drugs could cause blindness."

Danger, Danger! Warning, Will Robinson! Extreme Clickbait. Perhaps let's be a little less hyperbolic here? This is only one study and it says Ozempic "may be linked to a conditon that could cause blindness." There are enough other hazards directly caused by these drugs that we don't have to make up more scare tactics by connecting a whole bunch of dots that "may be linked."

"Pharmaceutical titans are scaling production to meet the lifetime demand for these miracle drugs. "

Lifetime demand? Not from Quizzify customers. Contact us to learn how we can both limit employee uptake and also educate/support the few who show their commitment by continuing with our curriculum after taking the Before Your Journey quiz.


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