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Don’t Panic over the New Wellness Ruling: Quizzify Has Your Back

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

The New Ruling

While most of us were enjoying our year-end downtime, a federal court ruled that incentivized wellness programs requiring medical exams or inquiries will be unallowable as of January 2019 (described in more detail here). Only truly voluntary programs will be allowed. As it is unlikely most employees will voluntarily submit to screenings and HRAs, you, as an employer, will have to seriously reconfigure your current wellness program or expect far less participation...except for programs which include Quizzify.

Our Guarantee

Offering Quizzify as an alternative to screenings and HRAs creates a safe harbor. Our EEOC Indemnification Guarantee assures that, with the addition of Quizzify, your existing program will be unaffected by the new ruling.

How can we be so sure? We built Quizzify anticipating this exact scenario. Hence, Quizzify:

  1. Is not defined as a “medical exam” or “medical inquiry” (meaning that GINA and ADA regulations do not apply).

  2. Requires no personal health information (PHI).

Therefore, EEOC jurisdiction does not apply to any screening or HRA requirements that employees can opt-out of, if Quizzify is played instead.

Knowing this, Quizzify has offered our EEOC guarantee from Day One. Our guarantee specifies that our clients will have zero issues complying with the forthcoming definition of “voluntary,” within their existing incentive or penalty-based wellness programs…as long as they offer Quizzify as an alternative.

Quizzify is the solution you need to avoid unnecessary overhaul of your employee wellness program. Adding Quizzify to your wellness portfolio—at a lower cost than screening—will allow you to continue to use incentives to drive participation, while indemnifying you from any relevant EEOC issues.

You’re a Screening or HRA Vendor? Compliance Problem Solved.

Our guarantee applies to you and your customers as well. And, in addition to EEOC indemnification, incorporating Quizzify into your wellness offerings will allow an overall increase in engagement, satisfaction, revenues and profit margin—with no downside, risk or cost other than a modest up-front integration fee.

How Quizzify Fits Into Wellness

Healthcare is the only line item where employees are given an unlimited budget but receive no training on how to spend it, creating a perfect storm of overspending with little return. Quizzify helps you avoid this expense by providing tools to create a health-literate workforce. Our entertaining, educational quizzes (reviewed by doctors at Harvard Medical School) empower employees with the knowledge they need to make wiser, healthier decisions.

Contact us today to get started.


For more information on the EEOC ruling and how it impacts employers and vendors, please join Businessolver’s webinar "AARP V. EEOC: 4 Things You Need to Know" on January 18, 10 AM ET.

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