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How We Address the Public Sector's Biggest Wellness Pain Points

Looming cost of weight-loss drugs

  • Quizzify uniquely controls weight-loss drug spend by discouraging the casually/cosmetically interested, through a 24-question “Curb Their Enthusiasm” quiz which includes questions like this:

  • We support the remaining committed group, who complete that quiz, first by educating them on managing digestive side effects.

  • Next, we teach them nutrition and lifestyle – like how to find and avoid the sugars which the food industry hides. This curriculum maximizes the odds of maintaining a healthy weight after weaning off the drugs.

Reinvigorating your wellness program

  • We teach impactful lessons about health and healthcare that don't require coaching or willpower, just minutes a month to learn the best “hacks” you can easily and immediately apply yourself. As you can see here, once you learn these hacks, you know them for life. 

Low engagement

  • Our largest public accounts routinely win engagement awards. If you're still skeptical, we can charge per lesson. If they don't play, you don't pay.

  • Quizzify takes 5% of your fee and gives it back to your people as rewards for participation. It runs itself.

Procurement headaches

  • PCA, Sourcewell, subcontracted to your portal vendor, or even sole-sourced, since we are the only health literacy vendor.

Implementation hassles

  • We don't need PHI.

  • Our default implementation takes 5 minutes and can be as simple as loading a list of user emails or distributing a single dedicated link to your target audience.


Employees don't understand/use benefits


  • We can customize our curriculum to teach them about their benefits and link directly to resources.



Our Formula for Great Health Literacy Education

Tackle Wasteful, Harmful Health Spend


38% of all health spend is completely wasted, and often harms the patient. 

By Teaching Actionable Insights

From the hazards of back surgery to downsides of weight loss drugs, Quizzify teaches your employees that sometimes the right answer is to Just Say No.

With Help from Harvard Medical School

Doctors at Harvard Medical School review our content for quality and accuracy.


We Turned Health Literacy Into a Game:

Trivia Question 1.png

What's There Not to Like?

Gamified Health Education

5 Minutes to Start

Only Pay if You Learn

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