Health Literacy

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and Appreciate their Benefits

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Prelude to Annual Enrollment

Prelude to Annual Enrollment - Quizzify Health Literacy and Benefits Education


Implementation Steps


1. Two months before Annual enrollment: Content Development (Quizzify, Alight team and Client)

  • Discuss necessary education on health plan changes

  • Most common benefits questions and points of confusion

    • For example, Deductibles, drug formulary and copays, max out of pocket, in network and the ER. (Try the sample Annual Enrollment quiz below.)

  • Key messaging about benefits – New plan specifics

  • Health literacy topics

    • For example, Urgent versus ER, Centers of Excellence, Questions to ask a before agreeing to a test or medical procedure, best price for an MRI. 


2. Six weeks before Annual Enrollment

  • Quizzify adds new content and presents custom Prelude quizzes for review

  • Promotion and communication to employees


3. Four weeks through one week before Annual Enrollment

  • Deliver one 10 question plan specific quiz per week

  • Summary report available for employee review of the key educational issues


4. Post Annual Enrollment

  • Review questions – Comprehension assessment

  • Use and usefulness survey