Wiser employees make healthier decisions.

Quizzify provides Jeopardy-style monthly quizzes

to your employees to create a more health-literate workforce...all with a little added humor. 

All of our quiz questions are stamped with the Harvard seal.

Our educational content is reviewed by doctors at Harvard Medical School.

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Here is how Quizzify works...

We deliver you and your employees engaging and educational content through a monthly 10-question quiz.

Our premium platform and content helps simplify complex topics and helps employees stay engaged to learn about health topics related to nutrition, screenings and prevention, opioid awareness, benefits knowledge, mental health, financial literacy and many more. 

Through this educational process, employees increase their health literacy and learn to advocate for themselves with healthcare providers and their daily health decisions. 

User Friendly App.

Both Quizzify's admin and employee dashboards are easy to use. Admin capability to customize monthly quiz content. 

More Participation.

We guarantee Quizzify will be in the top 5% of the most cost-effective healthcare-related engagement tools you employ. 


In a case study, 71% of employees agreed that they knew more about their health and healthcare after only one quiz from Quizzify. 

Navigating the EEOC Wellness Rule Change

And how Quizzify eliminates (not a misprint!) your risk.


CEO, Equity Healthcare

(Blackstone Group)

"Quizzify manages to teach people about health without them even knowing it."


Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Professor of Health Policy & Management, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health

Chief, Islet Transplant Surgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital

"Like predatory pricing, there is such a thing as 'predatory medicine,' where aggressive doctors propose or perform inappropriate tests and treatments knowing that the patient is only paying for a small portion and doesn’t understand the risks. I love what Quizzify is doing to educate employees about this."


President, Lake Norman Benefits

2015 Broker of the Year

"There is no better way to teach employees how to spend their money – and your money – wisely on healthcare services."

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