Create a health-literate workforce.

Behavior change, one quiz at a time.

"Imagine if employees could be comfortable turning down medical care that they do not need."

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A Health Literate Workforce


88% of U.S. Healthcare consumers do not have adequate health knowledge. Give your employees the tools to make wiser and better healthcare decisions so that their choices are more effective when it comes to their wellbeing.

Happier Employees


Knowing about health and healthcare takes time and stress out of your employees' health decisions. Your commitment to their well-being will make employees feel cared for, reducing absenteeism and raising office morale. 

Boost Your Bottom Line 


Happier and healthier employees are more engaged and more productive at work. They'll also use less employer-sponsored health insurance and spend less time outside the office on unnecessary healthcare. Create a health-literate workforce, and you'll see the difference.